Thursday, August 26, 2010

Going to start cash only budget

Ok, so I have been pondering this for awhile and starting now I am going to deal only with cash for groceries and household items.

I have a budget, but every month I seem to go above the budgeted amount.  If I only carry so much in cash for those items, I will be able to actually see how much I have spent.

It is so easy to just throw items in your cart and not actually keep track of how much you are spending until you get to the cashier.  Since I will be paying with cash, I will have to actually keep track of what I am spending so I don't go over.  I have to make sure to bring a calculator with me! : )

I am excited and nervous to start this.  It will be like when I started counting my calories (which I need to start doing again) and realized how much I was actually eating.  I think I will be getting a real eye opener this month and it will be fun to grocery shop and get the deals!

I will keep you posted on how this goes for our family!

Maybe you would like to try this with your family, or maybe you already do.  If so leave some tips for me or if you are starting post your comments on how it is going for you.

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