Sunday, August 29, 2010

How to Organize Coupons

So, I am fairly new to all this couponing, so all of you that are reading this will learn with me or else be able to help me with some great suggestions if you would be so kind to share them.

I started by cutting all the coupons out, putting them on a spreadsheet and bringing them all with me.  That was a little overwhelming because there were so many loose coupons. 

Then I decided to not cut them out, leave them in the inserts and only bring the coupons I thought I would use.  This was rather nice, but then I would get to the store and forgot that I needed something that I had a coupon for or else there would be an unadvertised sale that I had a coupon for and it would leave me frustrated.  I don't get to the store everyday, which is a good thing.  With three small children, I am lucky to get one hour of shopping every week, if I can sneak it in, so it is important for me to try to be organized.

So, now I think I will try leaving the coupons in the Sunday inserts, printing and cutting the on-line coupons, putting the inserts in a binder by date and filing the loose coupons alphabetically and printing a list of all the coupons I have and take them all to the store with me along with a pair of scissors.  I will cut out the ones that I know I will definitely need and if I find a good sale while I am there I will have the other coupons if I need them.  

I will try this for a bit and let you know how it all works out.

 I really wish there was some type of electronic device that you could pick out the coupons you thought you could use and download them and then when you go to check out you could hand it to the clerk and they could scan it and it would take off the coupon and delete it from your system.  The system would also delete the expired coupons so you wouldn't have to sort through them and throw them away and there would be no need to cut coupons out and it could be use at any store that took coupons.  With the coupons being on the system you could search your coupon database and see what coupons you had so that way you know if you should pick up the item or not.  It could be small, so you don't have to lug around a huge binder full of coupons. 

Does that sound nice?  Now if only I was smart enough to actually invent that.  HA HA : )

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