Monday, August 9, 2010


Do you want to earn money for GiftCards just by searching the internet, filling out surverys, and special offers?  Then you should check out Swagbucks.  If you are NOT yet using Swagbucks, you can get signed up now and get your normal 30 Swagbucks for joining … but, if you enter code BackToSchool (case-sensitive) in the “Enter Your SwagCode” box, you’ll get an additional 40 SwagBucks.  That is a sweet deal.  You will start off with 70 Swagbucks.  You need 450 to get a $5.00 Amazon gift card.  I was able to get $10.00 in gift cards within the first two weeks. 

Those free gift cards will come in handy at the holiday time!

You have until August 15, 2010 to sign up to receive the extra 40 Swagbucks.

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