Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to Blogging with SITS - Day 4

SITS Back to Blogging day four -  "Write about a woman that inspires you."


One of the women who inspire me is  my mother.  

I can just see it now when she reads this - she won't believe her eyes.  You see, our family isn't that affectionate of a family.  Sure we all love each other and we know that and we would do anything for each other, but we just have a hard time actually speaking affectionately and letting people know how we feel.  I am really guilty of that.  I do not have a hard time letting my husband or children know how I feel about them, but my sisters and parents are a different story.  I don't know why that is.

My mother is the type that is as strong as a rock.  Sure she has her moments of weakness, but she doesn't like to show others those moments.  Almost two years ago my father had a stroke which through my parent's lives into a whirlwind.  He was no longer able to work, he was in and out of the hospital so much, he lost most of his sight in one eye, his short term memory is messed up, he just isn't able to do everything he used to do.  Through all this my mother was a rock.  She took things in stride, she never gave up on her faith even when they were struggling financially and my dad was in and out of the hospital.  She stood right beside him and did the best she could.  One tough woman!

Not only does my mother do so much for my father, she also helps significantly with my sisters and myself.  There is hardly a time that she says no to us when we ask a favor of her, either it be watching our kids, going shopping with us, running errands for us, or what not.  We know that she will always try to help us out.  She does a lot of it without complaint.   Too much of the time I feel that we dont' tell her thanks enough.  She is a lifesaver to us at times! 

Sometimes I think, wow my mother just says yes or ok without even making a fuss about it, she just does it.  Why can't I be like that more.  I always seem to have to think about things first or complain about them.  I wish I could just say yes and leave it at that. 

There is so many other things that my mother does that inspires me, this is just a few examples.   I hope I can everything for my children my mother has done for us, even without much thanks from us. 

Since I know you will read this MOM - Thanks for being you!


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