Friday, September 10, 2010

Menards Freebies (with mail in rebate)

This week at Menards you can get the following free (with mail in rebate)

1)  Magnetic arm band (after $5.00 MIR)

2)  Non-Slip Shelf Liner (after $1.50 MIR)

3)  Lint Roller 3pk (after $5.00 MIR)

4)  Always Fresh Food Storage Containers (after $5.00 MIR)

5) Lifetime Caulk (after $3.00 MIR)

6) Vinyl Mini Blinds 23" or 42" (after $2.00 MIR)

*You do need to have an additional $10.00 purchase in order for these rebates to work.  I know I won't have a hard time finding $10.00 in products I need at Menards.

I usually try to use previous MIR forms to pay for the new MIR items to keep them rolling so I am not spending extra money. 

They also have the following on sale:

1)  Shopper's Bag - $1.00/4 - I have been trying to use these more and this is a good price for them

2)  Cricut Cutting machine - $178.00 (after $50.00 MIR)

3)  Six outlet Surge Strip - $1.99 (after $2.00 MIR)

4)  22" Poly Leaf Rake B1G1 free or $4.84/2

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