Thursday, September 9, 2010

Save more by becoming healthy - Join me in the 30 day Shred Challenge!

It is a no brainer that the healthier you are the less expenses you have. 

You are sick less often so you can reduce your doctor bills and cost of medicine.  You also have more energy to make healthier meals and you eat less which saves you money. You also can start to walk/bike more to work or run errands which can save you money of gas for your vehicles.  

Another advantage is that you will be wearing smaller clothes, so you will have the advantage of finding the deals on those clothes.  I noticed that when I go shopping most of the clothes on sale are the smaller sizes, so this will save me lots of money.

With this being said, I have decided to take the 30 day Shred Challenge with fellow bloggers.  We will be starting this challenge on Monday September 13th. 

If you would like to join that would be great.  I will try to post my results on my blog and you are more than welcome to comment about your results/trials.  Thanks to Penny Pinchin' Mom for posting this idea.

If you don't have the 30 Day Shred, you can get it at Amazon.  Remember to sign up for Amazon Mom and you get FREE 2 day shipping which will mean this will get to you just in time.  If you prefer not to get it from Amazon, I am sure your local Walmart or Target would have it available or check out your local library and rent it for FREE!

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